Dublin Valley Farms sells at all the
major Ohio Yearling Sales

For more information, please contact:
JOE YODER @ 330-473-5863

Harrisburg799Serenade StreetPedigreeVideoCOLTMuscle MassMatriarch HanoverTSpring Haven Farm, Agent
Lexington829Social SwanPedigreeVideoFILLYSwan For AllKadena ReefTSpring Haven Farm, Agent
Ohio Select22Photo TomPedigreeVideoCOLTLong TomPhotosavvyTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Ohio Select31IbeatuagainPedigreeVideoCOLTWhat The HillRace Me CeileTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Ohio Select40Caviar Roxie DuePedigreeVideoFILLYTrimphant CaviarRose Run RoxannTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select68Stay TunedPedigreeVideoCOLTWhat The HillStay FoolishTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select82I Am ToughPedigreeVideoCOLTWhat The HillTough AffairTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Ohio Select192OUT-What Is EasyFILLYWhat The HillEasy StrengthTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select203Ladies On FirePedigreeVideoFILLYWhat The HillFire N FloodTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select204Forever AutumnPedigreeVideoFILLYCreatineFoxcatcherTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select208Whats Up SwiftyPedigreeVideoFILLYWhat The HillFrisky ChristyTDublin Valley Farm
Ohio Select210Surfin MercyPedigreeVideoCOLTDownbytheseasideGimmealittlesugarPDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Ohio Select242George HillPedigreeVideoCOLTWhat The HillLady ClarabellaTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic18SF Spirit DiegoVideoCOLTSouthwind SpiritAmor DeoTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic20April SpiritVideoFILLYWhat The HillApril HallTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic38Go Tom GirlVideoFILLYLong TomBullville Ata GirlTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic44Spirit RidgeVideoCOLTSouthwind SpiritCandelaria DeoTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic47Cant Top MeVideoCOLTSouthwind SpiritCantaladyliftTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic48OUT-LoveyoutomboyCOLTLong TomCareless LoveTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic49OUT-Secret Of LifeDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic63Spiritual FlightVideoFILLYSouthwind SpiritCoram DeoTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic69Toms GirlVideoFILLYLong TomDojea VolareTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic118OUT-Elva BoyCOLTSouthwind SpiritLittle EvaTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic128Dream On ItVideoCOLTDontyouforgetitMacs DreamTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic129Majic WorksVideoCOLTDontyouforgetitMagical PumpkinTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic132Baker TimeCOLTLong TomMarjorie HallTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic142Teacher JoeVideoCOLTWhat The HillMs Lady AnnabellTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic152OnetwoskipafewVideoFILLYUncle PeterOur CountessTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic167Lori's GloryVideoFILLYUncle PeterRare BeautyTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic173Going To The RacesVideoCOLTRacing HillRock It On OutPDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic185Show Your LegacyVideoCOLTSouthwind SpiritShow Your LindysTDublin Valley Farm
Buckeye Classic205OUT-SpiritonafasttrainCOLTSouthwind SpiritToledo TrainTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
Buckeye Classic210OJO CalienteVideoCOLTSouthwind SpiritUp Front StrikingTDublin Valley Farm

Ohio Selected Jug Sale: Friday, September 18, 2020
Buckeye Classic: Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Where is Dublin Valley Farms?

We are centrally located south of the city of Wooster and US Rte. 30, near the apex of Interstates 71, 76 & 77. This puts us just one hour from Northfield Park, 1.5 hours to Delaware, 2 hours to Scioto Downs, 2.5 hours to Dayton & The Meadows, and 3 hours to Miami Valley.


Multiple mare discounts, loyalty discounts & proven performance mare discounts for all stallions.


Dublin Valley at the
Ohio Yearling Sales

Ohio Selected Jug Sale: Fri., Sept. 18, 2020

Buckeye Classic: Tue., Oct. 13, 2020

3968 Township Road 606
Fredericksburg, Ohio
Farm: (330) 231-6209

For Standardbred inquires:

(330) 473-5863

Robert Hershberger, OWNER