Dublin Valley yearlings in the OHIO SELECTED JUG SALE sale

ROSTER for the Fri., Sept. 13, 2019 auction at Brave Horse Show Park

49Johnny BoyVIDEOBrCUncle PeterMarjorie HallTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
50Eternity RoadVIDEOBCSouthwind SpiritMatriarch HanoverTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
77Let's Roll OnVIDEOBCSouthwind SpiritShow Your LindysTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
107Very SmartVIDEOBCSouthwind SpiritSuzy SmartTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
126Perfect CrushVIDEOBCTrimphant CaviarPerfect MartiniTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
153Fred JrVIDEOBCBroadway HallAbbey CraigTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
196Mr FrontmanVIDEOBCDejarmbroUpfront CarolTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
244Pacing HillVIDEOBCRacing HillGimmealittlesugarPDublin Valley Farm, Agent

Dublin Valley yearlings in the BUCKEYE CLASSIC sale

ROSTER for the Tues., Sept. 24, 2019 auction in Springfield, OH

3Spirit CountsVIDEOBFSouthwind SpiritOur CountessTDublin Valley Farm
7Dewey HallVIDEOBrCDontyouforgetitParis HallTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forJoseph Miller
8OmyheartVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitPeg O My HeartTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forUrie Byler
12Photo GalVIDEOBFDontyouforgetitPJ's PhotoTDublin Valley Farm
13Credit My MVPVIDEOBFMy MVPPlayful CreditTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
21Shady RamonaVIDEOBFCoraggiosoRamona KTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forRoy Troyer
33Forget About MeVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitShouda Cuda WudaTDublin Valley Farm
48Try To Tease MeVIDEOBFSouthwind SpiritTeasing DonnaTDublin Valley Farm
49J L EZ MoneyVIDEOBFSouthwind WranglerThe Lady MoneyTDublin Valley Farm, Agent
53ForgetitfreddieVIDEOBrCDontyouforgetitTortoni's LadyTDublin Valley Farm
58Striking LionVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitUp Front StrikingTDublin Valley Farm
77More SpiritVIDEOBFSouthwind SpiritAmor DeoTDublin Valley Farm
81Forget The PastVIDEOBlkFDontyouforgetitAnnuity HanoverTDublin Valley Farm
85Audio SunshineVIDEOBFDontyouforgetitAudioTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forTriple Y Farms
90Beachbaby's PegasusVIDEOBrCBeachtreaBeachbabybeachbabyPDublin Valley Farm, Agent forRobert Omaits
106Spirit KingVIDEOBCSouthwind SpiritCantabulous PursuitTDublin Valley Farm
124Arts Big LadyVIDEOBrFArt OfficialDancin Like A StarPDublin Valley Farm, Agent
136Spirit MatterVIDEOBCSouthwind SpiritEM HanoverTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forAnthony Mullet
146For My LadyBFDontyouforgetitFoxcatcherTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forJBNJ Farm
152Beaches Best BuddyVIDEOBCBeachtreaGrandma HelenPDublin Valley Farm, Agent forHenry J. Miller
153Maple Ridge VictorBCDontyouforgetitGutsy HallTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forPowerline Stable
169Tulsa BellVIDEOBFDontyouforgetitKeystone IsabellaTDublin Valley Farm
182I Forget A LittleVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitLittle ElvaTDublin Valley Farm
184Lucky WomanVIDEOBFManhardtLucky TurnPDublin Valley Farm
187Forget The MagicVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitMagical PumpkinTDublin Valley Farm
189Malibu ManVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitMalibu Bay BreezeTDublin Valley Farm, Agent forEddie Kuhns
200ForgetfulVIDEOBCDontyouforgetitMiss Gigi DTDublin Valley Farm

Welcome to Dublin Valley Farms

One of Ohio’s premier Standardbred breeding farms and training facilities, Dublin Valley Farms is located in the rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio.